Kitchen open from 12:00 to 00:00

Who we are

The kitchen at Restaurante Carmela remains faithful to Mediterranean recipes and traditional Andalusian flavours, adapting and improving familiar dishes to surprise you.

About us

The restaurant team is made up of dynamic, experienced and innovative professionals. It is the project of Pepe Fernández, one of the restaurant industry's most renowned entrepreneurs in the province and owner of several restaurants in Granada, together with Carmen Henares.

First Prize at the Granada Tapas Competition 2012 and the Special Pairing with Beer Award at the same contest in 2013. She also achieved a very creditworthy second place at the III National Cooking Competition in the Gastrotur 2013 show.

However, what motivates us at Restaurante Carmela is to simply get the best out of ourselves as a team each day and attend to our customers as well or if not better than the most demanding panel of judges at any competition.

You can also visit us at:

El Pescaito de Carmela

958 25 57 97

C/ Marqués de Gerona, 12. 18001 - Granada

La Cuchara de Carmela

958 81 50 07

C/ Paseo de los Basilios, 1. 18008 - Granada